Monday, October 10, 2005

Sunday night

I have now recovered (more or less) from Friday night's festivities. Yesterday I spent several hours preparing cases for this week, both on my own and then in an all-girl study group: Lindy, Carol, and Kathy from Chicago, Ali from UK, and Claudia from Colombia. Then I met my friend Francis for a cup of coffee and had a pretty relaxed and early night.

Today I woke up pretty early (by usual IESE weekend standards) and started right in on the marketing case we were told to further prepare. We started it on Thursday, and now the rumor is that we are having some sort of pop quiz on it tomorrow. Yikes. Francis came by to go through the Decision Analysis case and we got stuck partway through, and then I went to my teammate Diego's house and went through Marketing some more with he and his roommate Jay. THEN I went to meet the girls again, this time at Kathy's house, to compare the Decision Analysis case some more. Basically, it's nice to know that everyone is coming up with the same crap and no one knows what's going on. So even though I've been studying all weekend, I feel like I've accomplished almost nothing, but at least it's the same nothing as everyone else!

The only problem is that I'd hoped to go running or cycling today and I just never got around to it. But I did do laundry and dishes, so I guess that's sort of athletic. Oh and I walked a LOT to everyone's houses. Good to have a little walk between study sessions to chill out a bit. Now I have to try to figure out more ways to prepare for this potential pop quiz and then hopefully go to bed early. Thank goodness Wednesday is a holiday!

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