Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Monday Night... or is it Thursday?

First of all, there was NO marketing pop quiz today. Just a vicious rumor started by someone on my very own team I believe, and one which caused quite a furor... all of which was pretty funny in the end. So that was the first class. In our 2nd class, Decision Analysis, I got quite a bit of participation going. Oh yeah! My decion tree rocked, and I think it's because I watered it yesterday. After lunch we had Managerial Communications, and 4 people had to talk about themselves in front of the class as if they were being interviewed and had gotten the question, "Tell me about yourself." Which isn't really a question... Anyway, I have to do it tomorrow. Woo hoo.

After that we had Grupo 6 Spanish for an hour and a half and then I worked on cases for tomorrow at school while also trying to download some more photos from the bar crawl. Got home around 8:30 and now I'll do a little more studying and then maybe go to the gym for a swim. I need to go to bed early tonight because I'm feeling a little sick and I slept SO BADLY last night. I felt like I was awake almost all night and whenever I wasn't awake I was having horrible dreams about school. That's 2 nights in a row! This is not a good thing. Tonight can only be better, I hope.

Tomorrow is like Friday because we have Wednesday off for a holiday called La Hispanidad. My Spanish teammate Diego explained this holiday to me as "when all the spangolis around the world celebrate being spangolis." Or something like that. I think we have a name for it in the US too. It's called "Columbus Day."

So, tomorrow after class I'm going to do lots of errands while shops are still open (because NOTHING will be on Wednesday) and then do some homework. I need to get myself organized because at IESE you don't use books, but rather glue-bound packets of cases which fall apart after you open the first page. So I have cases all over my room. Maybe I should wallpaper the place. There are also two birthdays to be celebrated tomorrow night, but I think I'll have to see how I'm feeling before promising to venture out.

And, as promised, more photos from Friday night.

With my good friend Huy
Team B6. That's my roommate Marco with the glasses. He makes a great nerd.

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