Friday, December 02, 2005

Royksopp and Shout-Outs

I'm just home from seeing one of my favorite electronica duos, Royksopp, "play" live. I have to put play in parentheses because I'm not sure that knob-twirling and drum-machine-playing really constitutes "playing live" but regardless, they were AWESOME. Some of their songs have a real personal resonance and there were moments where my mind certainly wandered to New York because ... everywhere I go there's always something to remind me of another place and time where love had travelled far and found me.

So first shout-out goes to my friend Jubin from the 2nd year who managed to get two tickets for Huy and me after I wasn't able to make the stinking ServiCaixia ticketing website to work. Thanks Jubs.

Next one... big ups to my dear friend Edi Navas, who found out yesterday he was admitted to the IESE class of 2008. While we were all disappointed he didn't start the MBA with us, I'm so happy he'll be there in the trenches next fall. And just think, I'll be able to help him with accounting and decision analysis! Not.

Final shout-out of the night (geez, I'm so MTV Total Request Live tonight - must be the effect of the concert) goes to my sissy Nicole, who flew to San Diego today to take the LSAT this weekend. Nicole, best of luck on Saturday. I hope you rock that standardized test! And just remember... I think I must have the lowest GMAT score in history, so here's to getting in for other reasons (and still not being quite sure what those are). You're gonna rock the test. Just think how great it'll be when it's all over on Sunday!

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