Tuesday, December 20, 2005

And another one bites the dust!

Sorry, I'm getting a little repetitive with my Queen references lately... I'll have to do something about that.

Point is, Decision Analysis is OVER! Yeah baby! And the weird thing is, it didn't seem that hard. Granted, in hindsight, I realize I may have invented a lot of stuff during the three hours I spent on the test, but it made sense, more or less. To me, anyway.

About 30 minutes into the test I hit a major stumbling block. Two, actually. I simply couldn't figure out how to represent as a percentage the fact that there is an equal chance of the demand for a particular book being any number between 1300 and 3300. Now to normal people, there are two possible reactions to this. 1) Are you an idiot?! That is SO EASY!! or 2) Who the hell cares?! And normally, I'd be in the #2 group.

And as it were, the second stumbling block was that, at or about that time, my stomach really started hurting and I really did end up in the #2 group! Or at least in the #2 room. And it was there, as I was sitting on the toilet, that I thought, "But of course! It's 0.05!" Next time I'll bring my laptop to the ladies' room with me and just run all my simulations from there.

Which again proves my point (which really didn't need proving, because it has happened so many times in my life) that I do my best thinking on the toilet. In fact, last week I found out the meaning of life while I was in the bathroom. Unfortunately I forgot it while I was brushing my teeth. I'll have to revisit it another day, I suppose.

Tomorrow I have a date with my marketing final at 9:30am. I think I've done pretty well in this class so far, so it's actually one grade I'm not so worried about. Then again, we could turn up to the test and have a 30 page case plopped down in front of us... sometimes it takes me 3 hours just to READ a marketing case, let alone analyze it! Well, whatever happens, it's all over by 12:30 tomorrow. HOORAY!!!!!

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