Wednesday, December 21, 2005

That's all, folks!

Well the first term is officially over. Incredible. There were so many times I just wanted to pack it all in and go back to New York. Don't get me wrong... there are still times when I want to do that, but it's much less likely now. I mean, there were a few times back in October when I literally would've walked from the school to the airport, put a plane ticket on my credit card, and headed outta here. I wouldn't even have bothered to stop at my apartment to pick up my stuff.

But now... well at least I'd get a few things from my apartment first. Like my powerbook. And then that would give me time to think a little. And then George or Marco or Alex (or all of the above) would remind me that being a Calatrava Guapo ain't too shabby. And then I'd probably think about reading a marketing case. And then I'd go for a run and feel better. So yeah, I guess the my probability of impulsive airline ticket buying has decreased considerably in the past month.

Wow, now that I've returned from THAT tangent... FINALS ARE OVER!!!! Today we had our fourth and last exam - marketing. We were given a case about this weird thermometer device called the FeverTest that you slap on your forehead to see if you have a fever. Lamberto said his mom used it on him when he was kid. Italians are so weird.

Anyway, three hours later, it was all over and everyone was gathered in the bar singing and laughing and looking very relieved. Four months later, many shades whiter, with eyes that are much baggier, we have survived the first term. Here are some happy post-exam faces:

Tonight is the annual Xmas ball. The theme is "Havana Nights," and many of us are having trouble figuring out what to wear. I mean, I couldn't look anything even close to Cuban if I tried, so I figure I'll just go with the basic black dress. It'll be great to see how many people have actually managed to go all out and find costumes. I'm sure I'll be disappointed that too much of my creativity was wasted on accounting and not enough on costuming.

The party officially ends at 5am. My flight to NYC is at 10:30, so I have to be at the airport by about 8:30. My plan is to avoid sleeping tonight, because I always feel worse after an hour of sleep than I do after none at all. Max is on my flight, so he can keep me awake till we get on the plane and can pass out.

One special surprise was waiting for us in our mailboxes today. Or should I say eight special surprises? That's right. Next term we have EIGHT COURSES. Not six. EIGHT!! Which means 8 casebooks:

Okay it's now 4:11 and I have to pack!


Anonymous said...

JO JO JO !!!!
I just love to read your Blog, it's SO funny the way you write. Of course your life is not as exciting as it can be, but given what we have...
Thanks Noelle, you help me keep going.
Merry Christmas

Moe said...

Hello Noelle,

its Moe from NYC. I got my IESE offer! Now I have to think about it since its down to LBS and IESE.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

NoellieBellie said...

Thanks, Spanish Santa. I love to hear that I've kept the masses (ok, maybe just the small group of weirdos that read my blog) entertained.

And Moe - if I find out that you end up choosing LBS over IESE.... well I'm gonna.... Seriously dude, it's all about IESE. Trust me. You do NOT want to lose to us in the Olympics next year! You'll be so sad! COME TO IESE!!!!!!!! Congrats on getting in!