Friday, December 09, 2005

The Day After

Well it's official. I survived 26. Whew! And to celebrate, I did a lot of sleeping yesterday. That's what happens when you stay out till 5am, I guess.

After my faux study session yesterday afternoon with Huy and Francis (they really did accounting, but I was answering birthday emails) I went to see The Constant Gardner with Paul, George, and Francis. If you're thinking you might like to go into Pharma, don't see this film. Doesn't really paint a nice picture of the big drug companies. But the film is incredible, with absolutely astounding photography... not surprising, since it's the same director who did "City of God." Most people stayed in the theater throughout the credits, which is always a sign.

This morning I had to go to the police station to register myself as an old person. Okay, not really... I went to pick up my Spanish residency card. I waited in a looooong line with a bunch of random people from all over the world and, though it was well organized, I still had to miss my morning meeting and have missed most of the first class of the day. That's what happens when you're in class from 8:30 to 5 and Spanish government offices (and banks) are only open from 9-2. I really hate missing class, but without my card I can't get back into the country in January, and I figure it's probably better to miss one class than the rest of the MBA!

Anyway, here are some photos from Wednesday's birthday festivities. I found out that 250 people showed up! Sweet!

Opening prezzies:

After dinner, an impromptu breakdancing session broke out in the living room, and David did a wicked back-spin:

After dinner, with Edi, David, Francis, Huy, Marco, Nora, George, Anna, Juanra and David:

In the elevator ... ready to party!

With Jan-Kees and Juanra at the party:

Last men standing - the group that went to Bikini bar after Cafe Noir closed. These are the real troopers:

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