Thursday, December 15, 2005

Ho hum.... YAWN!

So I haven't written anything in two days because I haven't done anything in the last two days other than study. How boring! Finals are looming and the sense of impending doom is growing. Though, in my own defense, I have gotten extremely good at combatting the doomsday feelings with a sense of denial... as in, "Finals? What finals?" Oh geez.

Well anyway, let's just say that I'm going double-or-nothing on my bet with Francis. He hasn't accepted yet, which leads me to believe that this time he, too, thinks I will fail!

The last two days have been a whirlwind of classes and cases. We've wrapped up marketing for the term as of today, and DA Managerial Communications finished yesterday. Two more days of ABP, Accounting, and OB lie ahead and then... finals. (Gulp.) Oh and to add to the fun of it all, this week we are also doing final exams for Spanish! Monday afternoon was the listening comprehension and speaking portion and today we had the written part of the test. I think it all went fine, but it's certainly frustrating to study Spanish and take exams when you know you're completely lost in Accounting and should probably be focusing on that instead.

All that having been said (or complained), I have made sure to get exercise this week and I think it has really helped. I hadn't done much outdoor activity aside from playing soccer and walking to and from school (ok, so this is more outdoor activity than many people do in their whole lives, but I hold myself to a different standard) since my little visit to the hospital. But this week I've gotten back to running every day, and it has worked wonders for my ability to stay awake and study in the evenings. Today I went running for 40 minutes and George took a nap for 40 minutes. He felt worse afterward and had pillow marks on his face. I felt wide awake and ready to ... read cases! So I think I will continue to run rather than nap.

But now it is late and my eyes are closing, so I'd better go to bed. One more week and the first term is DONE!

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