Friday, December 23, 2005

Cuba... and Cuba... and more Cuba

I am sitting in Laguardia airport, partway through Noelle's Airport Tour 2005. It has been a busy couple of days.

After our last exam on Wednesday, I spent several hours gleefully clearing my room of 1st term cases before going shopping for my first-ever pair of fishnet stockings. This was about as close to a Cuban "costume" as I was gonna get. Sorry, folks. The roommates and I all got dressed up (more photos on George's blog, and more to come when I get back to Barca and can get a hold of Marco's camera) and headed off to the annual IESE Christmas Ball. It was at Mare Magnum, right on the port, and all I know is that my feet are still hurting, 2 days later, from all that dancing. The "Havana Nights" theme prompted some very interesting looks.

I got home around 6am and proceeded to throw way too much stuff into a bag, then took a shower and headed to the airport. Max and I managed to stay awake for the 2 hours before our flight and as soon as I was on the plane I fell asleep. We stopped in Madrid, but I missed that part. Good thing I didn't have to change planes, or who knows where I would've ended up.

The transit strike in NYC ended a few hours before my flight arrived, but the traffic was still insane as a result of so many people driving into Manhattan in the morning. Regardless, after exactly four months away, the Manhattan skyline was a beautiful sight. And the traffic allowed me to take some sweet shots as we crossed the Williamsburg bridge:

Had sushi (FINALLY!!!!!!!) with my sister and her boyfriend and my friend Michael and then passed out again, after watching a few minutes of Miami Vice. (You see, the Cuban theme continues.) This morning I went to one of my old breakfast haunts and saw my favorite Argentinian waitress, Carolina. Got back in a car with a paper cup of coffee - AWESOME!!! I really missed coffee to go! - and that brings me here, to Laguardia airport, waiting to continue my Cuban adventure with a flight to Miami. A week on the beach in the sunny Florida Keys is exactly what this sleep-deprived white girl needs right about now.

Happy holidays to all!!!!

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