Monday, December 05, 2005

The Three-Friday Week v. The Three-Monday Week - a study

Or... the difference between an optimist and a pessimist.

This week we have much-needed holidays on Tuesday and Thursday. This means no classes. (Yay!) But it also means nothing in the city will be open. (Boo!) I was walking out of school with Marco this evening after Spanish class and I said, "Woo hoo! Three Friday week!" (Not to be confused with a Three Dog Night. Though a Three Dog Night could conceivably occur during a Three Friday Week.) And Marco said, "Or a three Monday week!"

And there, my friends, is the difference between a pessimist and an optimist. Though Marco claims that he's actually a realist. Which I guess makes me a FUNdamentalist. Wow that was bad. Maybe it makes me more of a relaxologist. At any rate, this week is a beautiful thing, particularly after the pains the entire first year class went through in the week leading up to today.

We were all dragging a bit today, having turned in our final papers for Analysis of Business Problems at 9am (and our section also had an Organizational Behavior quiz this afternoon). Some people worked on their papers all night. Others worked on cases all night after finishing their papers. Some had computer meltdowns as they were trying to format and print their papers this morning. Others had mental meltdowns at various points of the weekend. I include myself in that last number.

Because, you see, my Saturday night predictions of how Sunday would turn out were more or less accurate. Except that finishing the paper took even longer than expected. Saturday night I felt I was basically finished and simply needed to clean up a few things and write a quick summary. Somehow that turned into reworking nearly the entire paper, refiguring some of the numbers I'd had set in stone 5 days earlier, thinking I had finally finished and gleefully printing my paper, eating two giant hotdogs at the Frankfurter place down the hill from the school, regretting eating them immediately afterward, then going home and looking at my paper again - "just to be sure" - finding typos (!!!) and things to improve, finishing the paper for real this time, and then starting the cases for today. I'm exhausted again just writing about it. Oh wait, I was exhausted before I started writing.

So my big plan to treat myself to a night out on Saturday after "finishing" my paper never materialized. And I was planning to make up for it tonight, but about half an hour ago my stomach started gurgling like Harry's in Dumb & Dumber... what's up with that?! And the bed is calling to me. So is my road bike, which has been staring at me sadly for the last month while I've been too busy to take it out for a spin. Tomorrow morning would be the perfect opportunity to "get lost" on the bike for a while since there shouldn't be much traffic thanks to the national holiday.... Hmmm life is all about decisions, isn't it? Maybe I should consult Crystal Ball.....


Anonymous said...


I came across your wonderful blog while contempleting MBA and browsing through my business school options in Google. Your blog is very informative and superbly written. I have been in work mode for more than nine years now and have recently started to reevaluate my career outlook. It feels like an enormous decision to go back to school after such a long break.

Good luck on your papers/cases.

NoellieBellie said...

Hey, thanks for the positive feedback! I understand where you're coming from... I spent six years working in Manhattan, and the idea of leaving it all and going back to school was certainly daunting. And dealing with papers and exams again after so long takes some getting used to.

That having been said, aside from some personal setbacks I've dealt with in the past few months, this has been a wonderful experience. I hope you'll apply to IESE!