Thursday, December 15, 2005

Friends in high cases

Yesterday I was reading a case about the president of BMG for Organizational Behavior and found that someone I worked with at Rockstar was one of the key players in the case. This is the second time someone I know appeared in a case here at IESE. (The other being in the Sony EyeToy case for Marketing.) Certainly makes class participation a bit easier.

Last night I was preparing for today's accounting class by reading about the fraud at WorldCom and thought, I hope I don't recognize anyone here! Then I saw the name David Myers... he was instrumental in the fraudulent behavior that brought down the company and ruined the lives of thousands of employees. Fortunately, he's about 20 years too old to be the David Myers I dated in high school. Whew!

Today was extremely busy. After accounting and WorldCom this morning we had our penultimate ABP class. The case we're discussing (about a Spanish company producing ceramic tiles) is so massive we're taking two days to cover it. So more ceramics tomorrow. Woo hoo. During lunch I went with Huy to a study room to review for this afternoon's final Organizational Behavior quiz. We couldn't find the room for a while because we couldn't figure out where the A building was... finally we realized it's the main building in the campus, with the ivy and stuff, where the dean's office is. The room had a chandelier. Sweet! And draperies featuring hunting scenes. Double bonus!

After lunch was OB and our quiz, which I think was fine, and now I'm just back from my walk home from school. It's a beautiful day out, even if it's pretty chilly, and I'd love to get out on my bike, but the accounting and decision analysis finals are on the brain so I think I'd better buckle down and study. Which means I had also better stop procrastinating by blogging!

Tonight we are having our Calatrava house dinner, so Marco, George, Alex and I are going around the corner to Contraluz to gorge ourselves before the last day of class in 2005! I'm sure there will be pictures to follow.

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noahstone said...

It could be the same David Myers. Fraud ages you, man.