Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Wish You Were Here!

After four beautiful days in Key West, I'm heading to Key Largo today with my dad and Nicole. My mom left for Ft Myers with my grandparents on Monday and my grandmother's knee surgery starts in about one hour. So if you're reading this today, please send her good knee replacement vibes!

We three remaining vacationers have spent the past two days working on our tans, wandering around Key West, eating key lime pie in various incarnations, and even learning a little. Yesterday we went to the "Little White House," where President Truman vacationed during and after his time in office. Did you know that he was ranked by historians as one of the top five all-time presidents? I didn't even know there was a presidential all-star team, but good old Harry Truman made the short list. Go Harry!

Last night we went sailing on a sweet 60 foot boat. I showed off my mad sailing skills:

We took in another unbelievable sunset, and called it a day.

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Francis Lewis said...

A cruel title for a blog posting Noelle - it's eight below and snowing here in England - might head back to BCN early just to thaw out ... brrrr ... shiver ... [sound of teeth chattering together] ...