Saturday, December 10, 2005

Study Study Study

Finals are fast approaching and I'm quickly realizing that, even though I read my all of my cases and prepared all of my assignments, my head is empty of information. I mean, I know there's something buzzing around in there, but it might just be a... Spanish fly.

Anyway, we have four finals the week after next. Accounting, Decision Analysis, Organizational Behavior, and Marketing. I'm ready to go double or nothing on my bet with Francis for the first two. I've read every single page of the assigned accounting reading and done every single problem, and I still feel like I have no clue. Or at least, I'd have no clue if a test were plopped in front of me right now. I guess I have to just remember that I still have a week and a half and that I'm not the only one feeling this way.

Next week I also have my module exams in order to proceed to the next level of Spanish. We have the listening and speaking portion on Monday and the written part on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to this term being over now that we're nearing the bitter end and final exams!

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