Friday, December 16, 2005

Last day of classes!

It's hard to believe that the first term is over. All that remains are ... Three. Horrid. Days. Of. Finals. Someone kill me please.

But seriously, I can't believe how fast the term has passed. And particularly the time since midterms. I feel like the last 6 weeks have passed in a few days, and one week from now I'll be back in the States. It's really incredible.

Even though finals are looming, there was a sense of festivity in the air. Maybe because the holidays are approaching (even though I've had no time for Christmas shopping or even window shopping) or maybe it's just that feeling that I haven't had since NYU... when it's finals time and you know you can only smoosh so much more into your already overworked brain, so you can only do your best. And then you can rest and relax! I'm really not looking forward to the actual exercise of sitting for three hours in four final exams, but I do know that it'll feel so awesome when it's over that it won't even really matter how I think I did.

Today was our last accounting class with Tim Sutton. Everyone is very fond of Tim because even he, an accounting lifer, often admits that the whole process is "boring" and "ridiculous." And he says everything so politely, even when he's telling you that your answer is complete rubbish. Tim rocks, and he got a lengthy round of applause at the end of class today.

Here's a view of accounting class, from my vantage point in the middle of the back row. Yes, folks, this is how I've spent the greater part of the fall. In a basement classroom sitting in a seat that locks you in like a high chair. And I've loved every minute! I swear!

And here is Cedric, who sits next to me ... the one who often shouts things out in a falsetto voice:

We often beat each other up, you know... just because:

Anyway, after accounting we had our final Analysis of Business Problems class. George has a few good photos from that class, which I think he has put on his blog.

After ABP and before lunch, we had our final COW presentation of the year. You may recall that the COW is the Comment of the Week, which has been passed down through the classes. Rafa presented today because he won with a comment from last week, and he took it on himself to present not only the COW but the COQ (comment of the quarter!)

Rafa prepares his COW powerpoint presentation:

A calming presence, pre-COQ:

Vlad the Romanian accountant, whose favorite phrase is "Shut up, punks!" won this week with the very original comment, "Shut up, punks!"

George, meanhile, has been nominated 5 times, more than anyone else in the class. (I was nominated only twice - not very impressive for a blonde. I'll have to keep working on it. Anyone have a bottle of peroxide I could use?) As a result, George won the honorary COW award:

George receives a gift - a dancing cow:

I need to take a moment here to share one of George's greatest comments. We were in marketing class, talking about Kodak Gold film. Our professor, Carlos, said to the class, "When do you use Kodak Gold? You use it for Special Moments! What is a special moment?" And someone (I think Jan-Kees) answered, "When you become a father." Carlos replied, "Exactly. Any other special moments?" George's response, "When you find out you're NOT the father!" A truly brilliant mind.

Anyway, after lunch Dean Jordi Canals made a speech and toast to wish us all well over the holidays, and then the IESE Theater Club put on a presentation of "An IESE Christmas Carol" in the auditorium. We laughed, we cried, we realized we hadn't had time for lunch...

Our last Organizational Behavior class consisted of a partial screening of the film "Startup.Com" which I had never seen. It's about a couple of old friends who decide to start a business together, specifically, which hits a high and then goes bust over the course of the movie. Their relationship goes bust as well, unfortunately. I'm looking forward to seeing the film in its entirety because my dream has always been to start up a company of my own with some close friends, and the last thing I would ever want to have happen would be to have not only the company but, even worse, our friendships fall completely apart. The other thing about the film is that it takes place mostly in Manhattan, and I was shocked by how excited I felt to get back to the city that never sleeps after seeing footage of the skyline and the bustling streets. When I left four months ago I really thought I'd had enough of NYC forever. Now, with less than a week to go, I'm chomping at the bit and ready to see the skyscrapers again.

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