Thursday, December 08, 2005

You Say It's Your Birthday!

When I was young, my mom told me a very special story. Twenty-seven years ago yesterday, she was due to deliver her first child, and she was so excited! Everything was ready. They had spent so much time getting the nursery ready, getting baby clothes, taking photos for my baby book before I even arrived... I was eagerly anticipated. And then someone said, "December 7th is Pearl Harbor Day! You can't have a baby on PEARL HARBOR DAY!!!!"

So I always imagined my poor mom, crossing her legs and waiting until December 8th. Thank you, Mom. I really would have hated to be named Pearl.

As it turns out, I was born on the day of the Immaculate Conception. How cool is that?! In the US, it means next to nothing, but here in holiday-loving Spain, it means no school. And THAT means....


We started out at our house, where Marco cooked a fantastic Thai dinner. Huy, Edi, Nora, Anna, 2 Davids, Juanra and Francis came by and after dinner we all headed for the party.

My friend Jubin helped me work out a deal at a club/bar place called Cafe Noir. He negotiated drink prices and I worked on the guest list. When all was said and done, we promised the owner we'd have at least 125 people. And to my surprise, we had twice that! It was incredible. Two second year students, Billy and Giovanni took turns in the DJ booth - thank you, guys! - and rotated with the in-house DJ.

I still just can't get over how many people were there.... A big thank you to everyone who showed up! It was amazing to be surrounded by so many friends on what turned out to be a really special night. It was definitely the best party I've ever thrown, aside from maybe the Halloween party I had in my old apartment in Greenwich Village where the cops came not once, not twice, but THREE times. (You know you're having a good party when the NYPD shows up!)

And now it's 4pm. Three hours from my official time of birth in California (11:01am). I am hiding out at IESE, studying (or pretending to study) with Francis and Huy, in an attempt to avoid any possible calamities that may occur in these next three hours. Because if I make it to officially 27, I'm going all the way, baby! Photos to come soon.

Mom and Dad, I miss you!!!!!


Mom said...

You're welcome and we miss you, too! So relieved that you finally made it to 27. Your Patron Saint, Sarah Bernhardt (1944-1923), also thought she would die young. Fortunately, you were both wrong.

Meanwhile, it's hard to understand how you're 27, when I'm only 29! ;>) Happy birthday!

Bundles of love,
Mom and Dad

NoellieBellie said...

Mom, according to your data, Sarah Bernhardt died so young, she was NEGATIVE 21! No wonder she was always flouncing around, acting all "woe is me." When you're negative, you're negative.

(See how fabulous I'm getting with numbers, thanks to the MBA? It's really quite amazing.)

Love, Noelle

Anonymous said...

Opps!! Pays not to rush. The dates were 1844 to 1923. Guess you already figured that out, right? See how smart you are, now that you've been in your MBA program for three months?